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Robert Speight

22 April 2019

22 April


Leaves the likes of B&Q standing. Absolutely brilliant hardware & DIY store with extensive range of top quality items & really friendly & knowledge staff. Surprising just how many things they sell. And with Cliff's you are sold just what you need at a reasonable price. Not a 50 pack of screws you'll never use when you only needed a dozen. Hope they keep going forever I'd be lost without them.

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Connor Innes

03 March 2019

03 March


Liam Ledger

16 February 2019

16 February


Nice, friendly service and they had what they wanted after checking Homebase, Argos and Habitat in Moor Allerton, thought I'd pop over on the off chance and they had a massive stock of the light bulbs I needed, awesome stuff :)

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Terry Sullivan

26 January 2019

26 January


Not just a local hardware shop with friendly helpful staff, but competitively priced too.

Ron Baker

01 December 2018

01 December


Great range, good prices and excellent customer service.

Richard de Boer

11 December 2017

11 December


Andrew Elgie

20 October 2017

20 October


As a young bloke living close to this shop in the early 80’s I often used to chat with Cliff and his wife, gleaning advice on many aspects of household repair and maintenance from their vast archive of a lifetime’s experience. It used to amaze me how they knew so much. Their shop was more than a shop. It was a font of good will and knowledge. And, guess what? It still is! Well done to everyone who works there - the legacy is secure!!!!

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Jonathan Usher

13 September 2017

13 September


Chris Johnson

30 May 2017

30 May


Well stocked DIY shop with fantastic knowledgeable helpful staff. Never going to homebase again

Alan Roe

24 May 2017

24 May


Excellent small independent hardware and diy shop. Great staff. Very friendly. Great for finding those odd bits you thought wouldn't exist.

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Andrew Ogden

20 May 2017

20 May


Cliffs have been helping me with all my DIY needs for 10 years. Amazingly helpful staff and a genuine independent local business. Great prices. Get yourself to Cliffs before thinking about Wickes, Homebase, Screwfix etc. They also have a superb timber and timber cutting service.

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Tom Lennox

21 April 2017

21 April


Simon Meah

26 November 2016

26 November


always use Cliffs for any thing DIY not just to support a local business but they have a wealth of knowledge that comes free of charge!!!

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Catherine Tucker

11 September 2016

11 September


Eric Roussounis

17 July 2016

17 July


Amazing shop, really helpful staff - sell screws and washers in small quantities. Had bought £20 of stuff from Wickes, then went here to get something i'd forgotten. Ended up with everything i needed for about 80p and returned the stuff to Wickes. Madness!

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John Naylor

28 June 2016

28 June


Best hardware store for miles around. Easily as good as Moreton in Ilkley and they don't sell gifts type item s either, a blessing IMHO, just about nearly everything else for the Di Y er though.

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Daniel F

13 September 2011

13 September